Monday, November 05, 2007


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1) Rufus and Chaka Khan - "Best of Your Heart/Finale" from Street Player (ABC)
2) Alif Tree - "Forgotton Places (Moodymann Remix)" from Forgotten Places (Compost)
3) Theo Parrish feat Monica Blaire - "They Say" from Sound Sculptures Volume 1 (Sound Signature)
4) Madlib - "Dark Alley Incidental Music" from Beat Konducta Vol. 3-4: In India (Stone's Throw)
5) The Mole - "Border Times" from Ombudsman (Musique Risquée)
6) Carl Craig - "Intro Crackdown (Remix Parts 1, 2, and 3)" from Relics: A Transmat Compilation (Buzz)
7) Hercules and Love Affair - "Classique #2" from Classique #2/Roar (DFA)
8) Baby Oliver - "Shot Caller" from Feelings 2/Shot Caller (Environ)
9) Maurice - "This is Acid (A New Dance Craze) (K & T Mix)" from This is Acid (A New Dance Craze) 12" (Vendetta Records)
10) Green Velvet - "Thoughts" from Green Velvet (F111)
11) Moodymann - A1 from KDJ 16 (KDJ)
12) Sister Sledge - "Pretty Baby" from Love Somebody Today (Cotillion)
13) Swizz Beatz - "Money in the Bank" from Money in the Bank (Motown)


thebeathunters said...

glad you liked the angie mix (did you check the alt version?)

i carefully listened to your mixes and enjoyed them globally.
it's a very eclectic choice of tracks-maybe too eclectic, in fact- as i sometimes wished you played the different styles a little longer, build up the groove and blend into tracks more smoothly, instead of jumping to a next and usually rougher level...
don't get me wrong, your mix is pretty coherent and i guess your purpose is to wrap the best exciting journey into sounds in a mere 60' format (your radio show maybe?)
in fact, i really love most of the tracks and frankly don't dig much others-which somehow pushes me a little off-balance in the middle of the dancefloor (iyswim)...

thanks for the dedication and input anyway and to make me discover or rediscover great tracks
(the chaka intro/alif tree/theoP/madlib mix is great)

matt said...

Hey, thanks so much for your input. You lost me a bit on this part: "i really love most of the tracks and frankly don't dig much others-which somehow pushes me a little off-balance in the middle of the dancefloor." But the fact that you listen so carefully really means a lot to me.

I agree with pretty much everything you said. I, too, feel like I should sometimes stick to a groove longer, but as you said, I have a pretty limited time and lots of ideas and inspirations. My radio show is actually two hours long, but most of the rest of the show is dedicated to rotation tracks we are required to play that quite frequently don't work well in the mix (the Moodymann mix was done as a special show we have every week focusing on one genre/artist/sound/region/etc). Which brings up the point that I don't consider myself to have very much talent or skill mixing at all anyway. I'm sure this is as much a part of the rough transitions as the (perhaps overly) eclectic selections. In our dj booth we have two turntables (with no pitch controls) and two cd players (with pitch controls, imagine that). So I'm limited in my pitch shifting since I prefer to play from vinyl, but as I said, I'm not very skilled at it anyway.

So all that considered, I try to put together mixes/shows that represent the full range of sounds that are inspiring me at that time and hope that they come out at least listenable if not perfectly smooth or as coherent as I'd like. At times I think I should improve my ability before posting these mixes, but then I figure no one HAS TO listen to these and just maybe someone will enjoy them through the roughness. Thanks for giving them a chance and giving your feedback. It's always welcome.

thebeathunters said...

hi matt
thanks for taking the time to chat together
your mixes sure reflect the spirit and input you're throwing in and they're MORE than listenable.
don't worry, i wasn't questioning your mixing skills at all and i'd always stand for a dj who digs tracks more than technique.

i sure DON'T HAVE to listen to your mixes but i will and try to feedback if it's ok with you

matt said...

Yes, your feedback is VERY welcome and appreciated. I definitely enjoy the discourse and am very encouraged that you take the time to listen to these. Thanks again and I really look forward to new posts over on A Bigger Splash. Where are you located, as your profile doesn't mention it.

verystupidhead said...

Is there something I should do to download from Z share keeps going in circles but not actually to hear those mixes !!! rob