Tuesday, October 28, 2008


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1) Charles Mingus - "Better Git It In Your Soul" from Mingus Ah Um (Columbia)
2) Tony Williams Lifetime - "There Comes A Time" from Spectrum: The Anthology (Verve)
3) James Brown - "Check Your Body" from Reality (Polydor)
4) B.T. Express - "Give It What You Got" from Non-Stop (Roadshow)
5) Mandrill - "'Drill in the Bush" from Mandrilland (Polydor)
6) George Clinton - "Man's Best Friend" from Man's Best Friend 12" (Capitol)
7) Rick Wade - "Fade Away" from Harmonie Park Revisited 2 (Harmonie Park)
8) Iz and Diz - "What We Need (Pepe Braddock's Brad Peep Remix)" from What We Need Remixes (Silver Network)
9) DJ Genesis - "Back In the Middle (Theo Parrish Remix)" from Back In the Middle "The Remixes" (Dynamite Soul)
10) Pharoah Sanders - "Balance" from Izipho Zam (Strata-East)

Thursday, October 02, 2008


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1) Nina Simone - "Westwind" from Black Gold (RCA)
2) Reggie Dokes - "The Skin I'm In" from Detroit Beatdown Vol. 2 EP 1 (Third Ear Recordings)
3) Duminie Deporres and Theo Parrish - "Bi-Location" from Et Tu Brute (Submerge Recordings)
4) Prince - "Let's Work (Dance Remix/Long Version)" from Let's Work 12" (Warner Bros.)
5) Mary Clark - "Take Me I'm Yours" from Take Me I'm Yours 12" (La Shawn)
6) Musique - "Keep On Jumpin' (Francois K Mix)" from In the Bush/Keep on Jumpin' 12"
7) 69 - "Ladies & Gentlemen" from 4 Jazz Funk Classics (Planet E)
8) Omar-S - "U" from 002 1/2 (FXHE)
9) Theo Parrish - "Soul Control" from Sound Sculptures Volume 1 (Sound Signature)
10) Henry Feinberg - "Victimless Crime" from The Mind Journey EP (Psychostasia Recordings)