Wednesday, October 10, 2007


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1) Yesterday's New Quintet - "Barumba" from Yesterday's Universe (Stone's Throw)
2) Theo Parrish - "Friendly Children" from Natural Aspirations, Vinyl Vers. Pt. 1 (Sound Signature)
3) Budos Band - "Mas O Menos" from Budos Band II (Daptone)
4) The Time - "My Drawers" from Ice Cream Castles (Warner Bros.)
5) Deja Vu - "U and Me 2 Nite" from U and Me 2 Nite 12" (Let's Go Records)
6) Pet Shop Boys - "Was That What It Was?" from Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) 12" (EMI)
7) Moodymann - "I'd Rather Be Lonely" from I'd Rather Be Lonely 12" (KDJ)
8) Syreeta - "Love Fire" from Syreeta (Tamla)
9) Prince - "Chelsea Rodgers" from Planet Earth (Columbia)
10) Evelyn "Champagne" King - "I Think My Heart Is Telling" from Music Box (RCA)
11) Omar-S - "Yagiveup" from Side-Trakx-Volume-#-1 (FXHE)
12) 16 Bitch Pile-up - "They Buried the Dead Boy" from Bury Me Deep (Troniks)

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