Thursday, March 04, 2010


(click the picture)
1) The Cure - "A Forest" from A Forest 12" ( Fiction)
2) Donald Byrd - "Dominoes" from Places and Spaces (Blue Note)
3) Sun Ra - "That's How I Feel" from Lanquidity (Philly Jazz)
4) Madlib - "Movie Finale" from Vol. 3: Beat Konducta In India (Stone's Throw)
5) Outkast - "Skew It On the Bar-B" from Skew It On the Bar-B 12" (LaFace)
6) Sly and the Family Stone - "Strain My Brain" from Small Talk (Epic)
7) Theo Parrish - "Brain" from Parallel Dimensions (Ubiquity/Sound Signature)
8) Four Tet - "Plastic People" from There Is Love In You (Domino)
9) Depeche Mode - "Enjoy the Silence (The Quad Final Mix)" from Enjoy the Silence 12" (Sire)


fattyTuna said...

depeche mode, sun ra and theo parrish. cosmic!

matt said...

Thanks for listening.

yoptoop said...


divshare links are dead :/

can u re-up them?


Matt said...

This one is up on megaupload now. Let me know if you need any others. Thanks so much for stopping by.

yoptoop said...

No it is I who thank you for all these wonderful mixes!

If you could repost all the divshare links that would be really nice.
On mediafire because megaupload is dead now , sadly...

Tks a lot!