Monday, February 01, 2010

Soon Enough

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1) Bill Evans - "Peace Piece" from The Soul of Jazz Piano (Riverside)
2) Nina Simone - "Wild Is the Wind" from Wild Is the Wind (Philips)
3) John Coltrane Quartet - "The Drum Thing" from Crescent (Impulse!)
4) Dexter Wansel - "Rings of Saturn" from Life On Mars (PIR)
5) Charles Earland - "Leaving This Planet" from Leaving This Planet (Prestige)
6) Newcleus - "Computer Age (Push the Button)/Auto-Man" from Jam On Revenge
7) Juju and Jordash - "Pulse A Denura" from Juju and Jordash (Dekmantel)
8) Lerosa - "Plesso" from Panorama Bar 02 Part I (Ostgut Ton)
9) Kraftwerk - "The Telephone Call (Remix)" from The Telephone Call 12" (Warner Bros.)
10) Alicia Myers - "I Want to Thank You" from You Get the Best From Me 12" (MCA Records)
11) Sharon Brown - "You Got Me Where I Want to Be" from You Got Me Where I Want to Be 12" (Profile)

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