Friday, November 14, 2008

Theo Parrish

Something of a companion to my Moodymann post. This one is also 30 tracks and ordered approximately chronologically by release date.

Mix 1
Small Black Church (KDJ 05) 1995
1) Lake Shore Drive
Baby Steps EP (ELV-001) 1996
2) Early Byrd
Took Me All the Way Back (KDJ 18) 1997
3) Took Me All the Way Back
Musical Metaphors (SS 001) 1997
4) Carpet People Don’t Drink Steak Soda
Three Chairs (3CH 1) 1997
5) When the Morning Comes
Smile (MU 002) 1997
6) Lost Keys
Monlight, Music, and You (SS 002) 1997
7) Moonlite
First Floor Part 2 (PF 076/2) 1998
8) Heal Yourself and Move
First Floor Part 1 (PF 076/1) 1998
9) Sweet Sticky
Roots Revisited (SS 005) 1998
10) Dan Ryan
Overyohead (SS 006) 1999
11) Overyohead
Summertime Is Here (SS 008) 1999
12) Summertime Is Here (feat. Lakecia Hughes)
Parallel Dimensions (SS 009) 2000 (cd)
13) Serengeti Echoes
14) So Now What (cd only)
15) Space Ghosts (cd only)

Mix 2
Segments From the Fifth Wheel (MG 012) 2001
1) Secondary Darkness
Essential Selections Vol. 2 (TM 040) 2002
2) Equality of Patience (with Marcellus Pittman)
Solitary Flight (SS 016) 2002
3) Solitary Flight
Detroit Beatdown (3ELP 001) 2002
4) Falling Up (7:50 or so)
Natural Aspirations (Vinyl Vers. Pt. 1) (SS 018) 2003
5) Friendly Children
Natural Aspirations Vol. 2 (SS 019XCD) 2004
7) Orchestra Hall (with Marcellus Pittman)
The Twin Cities EP (HP 007) 2004
8) Dance Sing
T.O.M Project (SS TOM1) 2006
9) Renaissance (with Omar-S and Marcellus Pittman)
Sound Sculptures Vol. 1 (SS 026/027/028) 2007
10) Synthetic Flemm (with Omar-S)
11) Soul Control (feat. Alena Waters)
12) They Say (feat. Monica Blaire)
13) The Rink
Goin’ Downstairs (SS 030) 2008
14) Goin’ Downstairs Part 2
Love Triumphant (SS 031) 2008
15) Love Triumphant


Christoph said...

Love it

matt said...

Thanks for stopping by Christoph. Glad you're enjoying it.

DJ BWYSE said...

Very cool. Loved the Moodymann one. Peace

matt said...

Thanks bwyse. Always love what you're doing at Talking In Stereo as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt - another world-beating monster selection. Big love to you sir! Just hope Theo doesn't find it.... ;)

Jez / innersounds

matt said...

Hey Jez, thanks for the kind words. If Theo does find it, hopefully he'll appreciate it. If not, I'll send him a picture of me bathing with all his records(a la the booklet in the First Floor cd). And surely hearing this will only make folks who can actually mix buy the records and put them to better use;).

joe h said...

WOW I'm lost for words.
fantastic, thankyou very much :D
I will link your site with ours.

matt said...

Hey thanks so much Joe. I linked you up as well. I've been reading you guys forever, just haven't updated my Links section in a while.

Martin said...

Second part of Theo Parrish mix is the best selection of his work, I´ve ever heard. Pure Theo magic. Thanx:)

matt said...

Glad you enjoyed it Martin. He's a monster no doubt.