Thursday, August 02, 2007


Here's a gargantuan, 30 track, nearly three hour Moodymann mix I did. I tried to follow a roughly chronological order of release.
Mix 1
KDJ 04 (1995)
1) The Dancer
KDJ 07 (1996)
2) Untitled
3) Don’t Be Misled
Kenny Dixon Jr. – Soul Sounds Vol. 1 (Soul City SS002) (1996)
4) January
5) Yesterdays
Silentintroduction (Planet E) (1997)
6) I Can’t Kick This Feeling
KDJ 07 (1996)
7) The Third Track
Silentintroduction (Planet E) (1997)
8) Music People
KDJ 12 (1997)
9) Joy Pt II
KDJ 15 (1997)
10) Amerika
Sunday Morning (Planet E) (1998)
11) Track Four
Mahogany Brown (Peacefrog) (1998)
12) M.E.A.N.D.N.J.B.
13) Mahogany Brown
Forevernevermore (Peacefrog) (2000)
14) (Moodymann Logo)
15) Don't You Want My Love

Mix 2
Forevernevermore (Peacefrog) (2000)
16) Your Sweet Lovin
17) The Thief That Stole My Sad Days (Ya Blessin Me)
18) Tribute
KDJ 03 (2001)
19) The Day We Lost the Soul/Tribute to the Soul We Lost
KDJ 30 (2001)
20) J.A.N.
Silence in the Secret Garden (Peacefrog) (2003)
21) On My Way Home
Black Mahogani (Peacefrog) (2004)
22) Roberta Jean Machine
23) I Need You So Much
24) Shades of Jae
25) Black Mahogani
Black Mahogani II (Peacefrog) (2004)
26) When She Follows
KDJ 23 (2004)
27) Untitled (23B)
KDJ 16 (2004)
28) Untitled (16A)
KDJ 34 (2005)
29) How Sweed It Is
KDJ 35 (2007)
30) Technologystolemyvinyle


DJ BWYSE said...


matt said...

Thanks for checking it out bwyse. I'm a long-time frequent visitor of Talking in Stereo.

christopher keyz said...

great work matt - mr bwyse big upped the mix on djhistory, I recon it should boost your traffic quiet a bit and deservedly so!!!! - what an undertaking!!

T-nus said...

Great mix, thanks! I love Moodymann

matt said...

Thanks Chris and thanks Bwyse for the mention on djhistory. I wish the mix was a bit cleaner at the beginning, but it was done live and our turntables at the station have no pitch control. Not that Mr. Dixon Jr's stuff if made for perfectly inter-locking mechanical beat-matching, but I definitely with it could've been more fluid at spots. 'Tis the case with most of these mixes, but I love to do them all the same and if I had the opportunity to make them perfect it wouldn't be nearly as much fun to try. Thanks for the support and hope you guys enjoy it.

matt said...

Hey, thanks to you too t-nus.

thebeathunters said...

thanks for a moody time and all the very xciting mixes you share with us
please stop by at a bigger splash anytime for other musical journeys. keep on groovin'

thebeathunters said...

currently, re-listening to your M-mixes and having a funky good time!

djazbee said...

it seems to be a great mix !! can you RE-UP this PLEASE ??!!!!

matt said...

Hey djazbee, I know zshare has been a bit fidgety the past few weeks. Part 1 seems to be working right now, not sure what's up with Part 2. I don't have the files with me right now so I'll re-up later today if it's still down. Thanks for stopping by.

Dublin Bus Disco said...

yo man good work with the theo & moodymann mixes! i think everything put on zshare before october has been lost. if you could re-up the moodymann mixes it'd be great

Hun said...

nice overview, thanks!

matt said...

My pleasure!

Steve from Melbourne said...

Hi Matt, love your "best of" Moodymann & Theo Parrish mixtapes.

I own most of the Moodymann tracks and many of the Theo Parrish ones already but they way you've cut them together is really cool.



matt said...

Hey thanks so much Steve, your kind words really mean a lot.

edie2k2 said...


Thanks so much! I had this and then it disappeared! You saved the day.

(((hugs)))) love to infinity!!!!


matt said...

My pleasure Edie. Thanks for the incredibly kind words.