Monday, August 13, 2007

Carrying On

Mix one

1) Gnawa Bambara - "Bambara" from Sidi Mimoun (Dunya/Felmay)
2) Gil-Scott Heron and Brian Jackson - "We Almost Lost Detroit" from Bridges (Arista)
3) The Rotating Assembly - "Orchestra Hall" from Natural Aspirations (Sound Signature)
4) Dexter Wansel - "The Sweetest Pain" from Time Is Slipping Away (Philadelphia International Records)
5) Freddie Hubbard - "You're Gonna Lose Me" from Splash (Fantasy)
6) GQ - "I Love the Skin You're In" from Face to Face (Arista)
7) Thelma Houston - "Give It to Me" from Ride to the Rainbow (Tamla)
8) Break SL - "Flow" from Trombone 12" (Philpot)
9) Matt John - "Soulkaramba" from SASOMO (BAR25)
10) The Mole - "On A Day Like Today" from Motorsoul Vol 1 (Chapter 3) (Philpot)
11) Miles Davis - "Mr Freedom X" from On the Corner (Columbia)
12) Slave - "Party Lights" from Showtime (Cotillion)
13) Marta Acuna - "Dance, Dance, Dance" from The Master of the Masterpiece: The Best of Mr Patrick Adams (P&P)

Mix two

1) Eddie Gale - "Ghetto Love Night" from Black Rhythm Happening (Water)
2) Roy Ayers Ubiquity - "Take All the Time You Need" from Mystic Voyage (Polydor)
3) Chico Hamilton - "Alekasam" from Nomad (Elektra)
4) Maurizio - "Domina (C. Craig's Mind Mix)" from Domina 12" (M)
5) El Coco - "Masquerade" from Caravan (AVI)
6) Scott Grooves - "Lights Out" from The Journey Collection (Scott Grooves)
7) Prince - "Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)" from 1999 (Warner Bros.)
8) Lil Wayne - "We Takin' Over" from Da Drought 3 (Mixtape)
9) Joe Smooth - "Promised Land" from Promised Land 12" (DJ International)
10) Theo Parrish - "Timeislafinacharunninout" from Natural Aspirations Vinyl Vers. Pt. 1 (Sound Signature)
11) Willie Hutch - "I Choose You" from The Very Best of Willie Hutch (Motown)
12) Jeanette "Lady" Day - "Come Let Me Love You" from Come Let Me Love You 12" (Prelude)
13) Sister Sledge - "Thinking of You" from We Are Family (Cotillion)


][ said...

nice blog. pleasure to come accross such eclectic mixes.
keep up the good work and it would be great if you could post a link and ill do the same!

matt said...

Thanks for the comment ][. I'll definitely link you.

][ said...

Thanks Matt!
maurizo - lil wayne - sister sledge on the same stretch or audio?
that must be a first, and i love it.
are these mixes just for the blog or do you do radio shows oo?

matt said...

Hey thanks for the kind words ][. Actually all of these are from a radio show I do. That's why some of them are a bit rough. Most of them never end up the way I intended them to, but it's live and since we have no pitch control on our two turntables it sometimes gets ugly and/or interesting.

I've got to check out some of your mixes over at cut and mistake. They look right up my alley. Thanks again for listening.

christopher keyz said...

hey matt
some real hot bits going on in this mix - that dexter wansel has got to be one of the greatest tracks ever - i do not tire of hearing it... lots of goodies - thankyou

matt said...

Hey, thanks Chris. Your kind words always mean a lot. And I know I don't comment a ton but ANOE is still one of the few blogs from which I download everything on the spot. Thanks for still paying attention over here.

christopher keyz said...

u bet! - i always dig checking out what your up to

Mellow Jonny said...

Thanks for the mix Matt, and thanks for checking our blog, I've linked up. Cheers.

thebeathunters said...

i'm currently groovin'your mix and really enjoy it
feel free to grab some sounds you may enjoy at
and i'll definitely link your place