Tuesday, October 30, 2012


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1) The Bobby Hamilton Quintet Unlimited - "Dream Queen" from Dream Queen (Superfly Records)
2) Tarika Blue - "Blue Neptune" from The Blue Path (Chiaroscuro)
3) Gary Bartz NTU Troop - "Celestial Blues" from Harlem Bush Music Uhuru (Milestone)
4) Nikki-O - "Intro/Sing 2 Me" from Nikki-O (Mahogani Music)
5) Octo Octa - "Let Me See You" from Let Me See You 12" (100% Silk)
6) Kassem Mosse - "Demo Drums Ripping Demos" from Kindasoul005 (Kindasoul)
7) Helium Robots - "Jarza (Theo Parrish Translation 2)" from Jarza EP (Running Back)
8) Chasing Voices - "Valley of the Dry Bones" from Valley of the Dry Bones 12" (Preserved Instincts)
9) Freddie Hubbard - "Spacetrack" from The Black Angel (Atlantic)
10) Idris Muhammad - "Sudan" from House of the Rising Sun (Kudu)
11) Omar-S - "Solely Supported" from These Complimentary Track'x 12" (FXHE)
12) Flying Lotus - "Bad Actors" from 1983 (Plug Research)
13) Daphni - "Yes, I Know" from JIAOLONG001 12" (Jiaolongo)
14) Stereolab - "Crest" from Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements (Elektra)


Anonymous said...

Yes! Glad to see you back brother. Hopefully more to come.
London, UK

K said...

As always, quality music to hear! Thanks!

Matt said...

Thanks for listening Richard and Kali.

Chris said...

love it! glad to hear a new show

John Vanderpuije said...

Thanks so much for this bro, pure quality and uplift and Happy New Year! Also wanted to say thanks to introducing me to "Black Renaissance - Mind, Body and Spirit" that shit got me through some shit as well as all the 3 Chairs, Theo Parrish stuff. Please keep posting, we appreciate you bro!!!!


Matt said...

Thanks so much for the incredibly kind words John. I'm planning on having something new up soon!

Anonymous said...

Totally love your mixes. If you are still doing new ones, I would be very pleased to know where one could listen to them.

Cheers from Berlin

Matt said...

Thanks Anonymous. I'm always planning for more, just haven't had time in a while. When that happens, I'll still be posting the mixes here. Thanks!

shutta said...

Man, you have to return!
Happy new year, greetings from Greece!

Sang said...

I really love your selection

From Seoul,South Korea

Schmalx said...

Just discovered your blog a couple of days ago. Heal Mix is nice, except the boring & repetitive "Let Me See You" which spoils the flow. Thanx! Looking forward to hear more.