Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How the End Always Is

(click the picture)
1) Kohachiro Miyata - "Sanya" from Shakuhachi The Japanese Flute (Nonesuch)
2) Max Richter - "On the Nature of Daylight" from The Blue Notebooks (130701)
3) Brock Van Wey - "Too Little Too Late" from White Clouds Drift On and On (Echospace [Detroit])
4) Miles Davis - "Lonely Fire" from Big Fun (Columbia)
5) Rhythm & Sound - "King Version" from King in My Empire 10" (Burial Mix)
6) Moritz Von Oswald Trio - "Pattern 1" from Vertical Ascent (Honest Jon's Records)
7) Larry Heard - "Missing You (Theo's Missing Dub)" from Missing You (The Remixes) 2x12" (Track Mode Recordings)
8) Jill Scott - "Slowly Surely (Theo Parrish Edit)" from Ugly Edits 01 12" (Ugly Edits)
9) Pharoah Sanders - "Mansion Worlds" from Village of the Pharoahs (Impulse)
10) The Cure - "Disintegration (Live)" from Entreat (Fiction)


shazzerini said...

I'm getting no action via divshare.com... help please.

matt said...

Okay, the download should work now. Thanks for stopping by shazzerini.

shazzerini said...

Yes, it does work now. Thanks muchly :)

FYI came here via Meatskull blog @ http://meatskull.wordpress.com/