Monday, August 10, 2009


(click the picture)
1) Marcus Belgrave - "Space Odyssey" from Gemini (Universal Sound)
2) Theo Parrish - "Music Pt. II" from Expressive Angles 12" (Trackmode)
3) Synchrojack - "End of the Road (KDJ's Mix '96)" from Deep Transportation 02 Limited 12" (Deep Transportation)
4) Thomas Brinkmann - "Isch" from Isch 12" (Petite)
5) Levon Vincent - "1000 Miles From Home" from Six Figures 12" (Novel Sound)
6) Disco Nihilist - B2 from Disco Nihilist 12" (Love What You Feel)
7) Legowelt - "Black Bass (Dirty Version)" from Vatos Locos (Crème Organization)
8) James T. Cotton - "The Boxx" from Like No One (Spectral Sound)
9) Karizma - "Drumz Nightmare" from Neccessarry Maddness 12" (R2 Records)


pipecock said...

thanks for the support, man! i'm gonna be at the outer banks later this month, hit me via email if that shit is close enough for us to hang out!

matt said...

No problem. It's a great record. I'm looking forward to future releases as well.

As for the Outer Banks, unfortunately I'm about four or five hours away depending on where you're going. But if you're ever close to Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill let me know.

pipecock said...

yeah i kind of assumed that was the case. damn.