Tuesday, May 26, 2009


(click the picture)
1) Jean Michel Jarre - "Equinoxe Parts 2-4" from Equinoxe (Disques Dreyfus)
2) Paperclip People - "4 My Peepz - Stabbed" from 4 My Peepz 12" (Planet E)
3) XDB - "Espac" from Espac 12" (Sistrum)
4) Rick Wilhite - "Can You Feel Me?" from Lost Tracks from Detroit 12" (Stilove4music)
5) Nicuri - "Ridindatneedle" from Exchange Place 12" (Strength Music)
6) Theo Parrish - "I Can Take It" from I Can Take It 12" (Sound Signature)
7) The Final Solution - "Brotherman (Extended)" from Brotherman 12" (Numero Group)
8) Brick - "Living From the Mind" from Brick (Bang)
9) The Mystic Moods - "Cosmic Sea" from Awakenings (Warner Bros.)
10) Instant Funk - "Dark Vader" from Instant Funk (Salsoul)
11) Newworldaquarium - "Trespassers (Redshape Trespassed Mix)" from Delsin 2.0 Remix EP 1 (Delsin)


Strictly Richmond Recordings said...

excellent mix, thanks for the almost side long jarre, all great shit!

matt said...

Thanks SRR! Glad you liked it.

Denis Charpentier said...

First time here...not bad ! I like the variety in your mix, but why leaving it up to the listener to figure out about the title ?
I have fond memories of Equinoxe as it's the very first LP I bought, soon after it was released...I was 10 !
I came here on a search for Theo Parrish stuff...I heard him DJ at Plastic People in London last year and I had a hell of a good time !
Keep up the good work ;-)
Paris, France

matt said...

Hey Denis thanks so much for stopping by. I have dreams of seeing Theo at Plastic People...maybe one day. I saw him once in Detroit and it was incredible.

Not sure what you mean by "why leaving it up to the listener to figure out about the title." If you mean giving time points when tracks come in, I've been thinking about doing that. If not, what else? Thanks again.

Denis Charpentier said...

Sorry I meant the mix title or name like "Damage"...I guess this is what you pictured when you put these tracks together ? If so I like the idea very much and I could do with a brief introduction...
Actually I'm considering doing a similar thing but I'm not sure about my "creative process" yet ;-)