Tuesday, February 03, 2009


(click the picture)
1) Moodymann - "Heaven" from Det.riot '67 (KDJ)
2) Lerosa - "Pumping Curls" from Triage EP (Quintessentials)
3) Rondenion - "Love is Like A Diamond" from Tokyo Deep! (Aesthetic Audio)
4) Charles Webster - "Sweet Butterfly (Flight of the Butterfly Mix by Theo Parrish)" from Remixed on the 24th of July (Peacefrog)
5) Marcellus Pittman - "A Walk Thru Osaka" from In the Dark (The Soul of Detroit) (Still Music)
6) 3 Chairs – "BABO" from No Drum Machine Pt. 2 12" (Three Chairs)
7) Rick Wilhite - "Roots of Detroit (Revise)" from Three Chairs (Three Chairs)
8) Theo Parrish - "Rain for Jimmy" from Three Chairs (Three Chairs)
9) Lowtec - A from Workshop 06 (Workshop)
10) Larry Heard - "25 Years from Alpha" from 25 Years from Alpha (Alleviated/Black Market International)


scherbe said...

..nice 1!

matt said...

Thanks so much scherbe.

chris keys said...

howdy fella - still working the good stuff over here i see - how are you?
great tacks on this last mix - well as usual :)

kuri said...

tight mix Matt. a little more focused on that Detroit house sound, but I'm feeling the overall vibe, fo'sho. Love what Lerosa has been doing lately.

Anonymous said...

dam, this bumps!