Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sunday Morning

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1) Bennie Maupin - "Past + Present = Future" from Jewel in the Lotus (ECM)
2) Marvin Gaye - "What's Happening Brother/Flyin' High (In the Friendly Sky)" from What's Going On (Motown)
3) Odyssey - "Don't Tell Me, Tell Her" from Hang Together (RCA)
4) Pleasure - "Future Now" from Future Now (Fantasy)
5) Alton Miller - "Tulum (Kuumba Project Remix)" from Detroit Beatdown Remixes (Third Ear)
6) Keith Worthy - "Emotional Content" from Emotional Content 12" (Aesthetic Audio)
7) Patrice Scott - "Motions (Sunrise Dub)" from Motions 12" (Sistrum Recordings)
8) Scott Ferguson - "Calm and the Storm" from Ferris Street (Ferrispark Recordings)
9) William Basinski - "D|P 1.1" from The Disintegration Loops (2062)
10) Omar-S - "Just Ask the Lonely" from 005 (FXHE)
11) Johnny Cash - "Sunday Morning Coming Down"from Sunday Morning Coming Down

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kuri said...

hey matt,
nice mix. really digging that Odyssey "Don't Tell Me, Tell Her." great song. and always nice to hear some Keith Worthy and Omar S. take care,