Monday, March 31, 2008


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1) Giorgio Moroder - "The Apartment" from American Gigolo OST (Polydor)
2) Carl Craig - "Angel" from Sessions (Digital Version) (!K7)
3) A Number of Names - "Sharevari" from Sharevari 12" (Capriccio Records)
4) Kano - "I'm Ready" from I'm Ready 12" (Emergency Records)
5) New Edition - "A Little Bit of Love (Is All It Takes) (Extended Mix)" from A Little Bit of Love (Is All It Takes) 12" (MCA Records)
6) Lil' Louis & the World - "Aahhhh!" from Journey With the Lonely (Epic)
7) OASIS - "OASIS Thirteen" from OASIS Thirteen 12" (FXHE)
8) Soulphiction - "Velveteens" from Ghana Wadada (Sonar Kollektiv)
9) Giorgio Moroder - "Night Drive (Reprise)" from American Gigolo OST (Polydor)
10) Nina Simone - "Plain Gold Ring" from The Original...And Best (Bethlehem)


MacQ said...

carl craig, kano, new edition, lil' louis... but you had me at A Number of Names. thanks!

matt said...

Thanks to you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the mix.

casio hardcore said...

yo! excellent mix!

matt said...

Thanks so much casio hardcore.